Infrared Thermographic Visualization of the Traditional Chinese
Acupuncture Meridian Points

Narongpunt V. (*), Cornillot P., Attali JR., Molinier F., Alimi D., Datcu S., Ibos L., Candau Y., Fontas B.,
Raji A., Clairac B., Bloch S., Marignan M. Journal of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, 2004-2005.
*Corresponding Author: +33-6-8670-2329, E-mail addresses:,


Objective:  To evaluate and describe the results of an experimental infrared scanning protocol to detect the heat emission of acupuncture points in the Bladder Meridian stimulated by acupressure and their influence up and down stream on the meridian.

Design: A study of 12 health voluntaries subjected to acupressure on specific Bladder Meridian acupuncture points that resulted in heat emission measured by an experimental infrared camera and software processing.

Setting: The study was conducted in the laboratory of the Thermal Department’s (CERTES) of the University Paris XII in Créteil, near Paris, France.

Subjects: The subjects consisted of 6 healthy males and females who never had acupuncture.

Interventions: The acupressure stimulus was a 2 minute modulated finger pressure on the left side of point BL 2. This two minute stimulation had a rhythm of 3 seconds of pressure followed by one second pause without releasing skin contact; 2 minutes rest before acupressure stimulation then 2 minutes of acupressure stimulation and finally 2 minutes or more post acupressure.

Outcomes measures: Heat was generated on specific acupuncture points as a consequence of the acupressure stimulation

Results: Acupressure on BL 2 produced the highest amount of heat emission on  BL 67.

Conclusions: Unknown neurovascular effects of the organism may explain the high speed thermal activity on the dorsum foot point BL 67. The mechanism is unknown but measurable. 


Acupressure, Infrared heat, Bladder Meridian, BL 2, BL67, Acupuncture Points, Infrared Camera, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Meridian Points, Heat Emission, Thermography

Fall / Winter 2004-2005 Edition

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